My Photo Gallery
    Pj Is my god nephew.
     This left picture PJ (Patrick, 8 years old in this picture), my self (Steve) and Rosy a      (4 years old in this picture)
    AKC registered Boston Terrier.
   Bellow is Arlene's dog Lilly and her 3 surviving puppy's. 1 was still born. They were born on May 7th-15. I am fostering Lilly and her pups until Arlene gets into her new place.  I am getting the female tan puppy. There is 2 females and 1 male puppy.  The tan 1 will work out good since Rossy is not fixed. Rossy is an AKC registered female Boston terrier. I am still looking for a registered male to mate Rossy with.
Sorry I had to shrink the pictures so they would fit here.
This is Lilly
The puppys are about a week old in this picture
------The puppys are a few weeks old here
My little fur ball. A bit over a month now. She isn't named yet. I am thinking of calling her whiny because she whines a lot.
----Mylittle fur ball up close
----Here is all 3 puppys around a month and a half
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