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    Pj Is my god nephew.

    This left picture PJ (Patrick, 8 years old in this picture), my self (Steve) and Rosy a      (4 years old in this picture)

    AKC registered Boston Terrier.

    The right picture is of me, Pj (age 5) and Rosy (3 months old) at the pet store were we got her from



   Bellow is Arlene's dog Lilly and her 3 surviving puppy's. 1 was still born. They were born on May 7th-15. I am fostering Lilly and her pups until Arlene gets into her new place.  I am getting the female tan puppy. There is 2 females and 1 male puppy.  The tan 1 will work out good since Rossy is not fixed. Rossy is an AKC registered female Boston terrier. I am still looking for a registered male to mate Rossy with.

 Sorry I had to shrink the pictures so they would fit here.

This is Lilly

The puppys are about a week old in this picture

------The puppys are a few weeks old here



My little fur ball. A bit over a month now. She isn't named yet. I am thinking of calling her whiny because she whines a lot.

----Mylittle fur ball up close

----Here is all 3 puppys around a month and a half

  The puppy's are up and running around the apt now. And doing the normal things that playfull puppy's do. 



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