Amateur Radio is my 1st hobby followed by flying r/c helicopters and pc computer games.  I also go to the government surplus auctions and buy pallets of laptops and desktop computers and fix them up and sell them to people on low or fixed incomes that can't afford to buy new stuff. When I can afford gas I like to go to hamfest's (a ham radio swap meet), Star Trek convention's, Geocaching and mountain topping.  Mountain topping is were you take a complete portable hf radio station to the top of a hill or a mountain top.  Set up camp and see who you can make a QSO (ham talk for making contact) with.  I am slowly learning about FrontPage and Visual Basic 6 on my own time. 
I have a new project that I am working on to take a few samples to the Vancouver, Wa Hamfest and see if it will sell.
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