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As of  6-16-2015

    I have changed the indoor ceiling antenna to a square switch back (running the length of the room at the wall. go about 2'   with wise then go back) antenna.  Next month In July I am starting work on a two 80m buddy stick dipole that will sit on my open air 2nd floor balcony. I hope this dipole setup will work better then the indoor ceiling antenna.  I also have a 2m/70cm J-Pole antenna mounted on a stick strapped to free standing shelf.  The apartment complex I live in has loosen up the rules a bit. They still don't allow any outside antennas other then Dish  Network or Direct TV antennas on the roof.  I can now setup any antenna  on my balcony as long as it isn't permanently attached to the building 

    This is my radio equipment list.

    I had an Allied ax-190 receiver. I did some trading at the Yakama Hamfest this year.

    a Kenwood tm-733a 2m/70cm.

    The Kenwood TS-120S 80m to 10m hf transceiver is gone.

    I now have a Icom ic-730 - 80m to 10m hf transceiver that I got at the Yakama Hamfest.

    I also got a good deal on a Kenwood  R-600 short wave receiver at of all places a pawn shop.

    a Radio Shack dx-390   sw  receiver that I have, my room mate is using it now.

    a MFJ-901B antenna tuner.

    a Icom ic-r3 ht receiver 500khz to 2.3ghz.

    a Baofeng uv5ra 2m/70cm  VHF/UHF ht (opened up on tx).

    3 frs 5 watt htís.

    That rounds out the the equipment list for the base station.

    In my 97 Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

    a Yeasu ft-8900r  10m/6m/2m/70cm  (with matching mobile Diamond antenna). Someone took the Diamond antenna of my minivan.  I now

    have just a 2m/7cm mag mount antenna up.  

    a Rci-2950 ten meter all modes 50 watts (opened up on tx for out of band)


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