From the desk of the radio station KC7BYP

In order to get the county Veterans relief fund to pay for the following on the new apt (apt deposit, electric transfer fee and the 1st months rent, the part of the rent that we pay after HUD pays it's part). I have to stay a week in a motel of the county's choosing so I can be declared homeless (the Starlite motel). Part of the rules and reg's. This place is a real flea bag motel. Lousy wifi, I am using the mobile hotspot in my cell phone to connect my laptop to the internet, my backup ISP, when the cell phone display decides to work. When it don't I have to give the back of the phone a few wacks on the desk. I am over due by 3 yrs on a replacement phone.  Anyways the motel has no ice machine, it is a 4 mile walk to the nearest bus stop. If it weren't for the fact that I can use Dial a Ride service. I would be stuck here, no money for gas until July 3rd. The motel is right across the street from the 2 main rail road lines through the Pasco rail yard. See the map, the red line on the map is the 2 north and south main lines. There is rail traffic rumbling through about every 35 minutes going north and south. Take a listen to the 2 sound files that I attached, that I captured with my cell phone.  Between the constant low freq rumble from the yard engines that vibrates the building and the noise  of the passing through town fright trains. I have a constant headache, the only real sleep I get is a few hours during the day back at the old apt during packing breaks, I am irritable and short tempered and low back pain all the time.  OOO I forgot the motel is under the final approach for Pasco airport. So I hear that rumble of the jets passing over very low. But there is a good side to that. The last flight in is at night is at 10pm local  and I don't hear the flights out unless the wind changes direction. Anyways Russ and I almost came to verbal  blows over trivial matters. This whole month of June after we got word from the land lord that the lease isn't going to be renewed and we have to move on July 1st has been stunned  with problems. I will be glad when it is over and we are in the new apt. Also the new land lord is letting me put up my ham radio antennas.  YEAAAAA.
Train sound 1
Train sound 2