About Me
My name is Steven Eizenberg. I am a amateur radio operator KC7BYP.  I got my novice license KB6YIG in 1987 then I got my teck license N6TAJ in 1988.  Then I took the code waver in 1998 to get my general license that I have now. I needed the code waver because of a disability I have I can't do morse code in my head any faster then 5wpm.  I also have dyslexia.  I like the digital modes of transmission a lot. Right now I am doing all my hf work via an internet controlled remote base.  The program is from http://www.remotehams.com.  Read more about the remote base program in my blog (when I get it posted).. I am into computers and electronics and computer games (see more about that in "My Hobby's"). I also collect old movies.   I am a big Star Trek fan and I belong to the local Star Trek fan club. I like and have pets..
I have an AA degree  in electronics, 2 way radio, vcr, tv and computer repair.    I have worked in the Los Angeles California area in many radio/tv repair shops and 2 way radio shops  over the years. I also drove a truck for a living while going to Electronics school.   I have gone sky and scuba diving.  I have done 20 years with the Civil Air Patrol AirForce Aux search and rescue as an Observer,  Communtions Officer and ground team leader.
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