Acronym Means
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From Keyboard
AKA Also Known As
AMBW All My Best Wishes
AOL America Online
ARPANet Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something
B4 Before
BAK Back at keyboard
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF Be Back In A Few
BBL Be Back Later
BBN Bye Bye Now
BBS Be back shortly
BBS Be back soon
BCC blind carbon copy
BCNU Be Seeing You
BFN Bye For Now
BHOF Bald Headed Old Fart
BIF Basis In Fact
BITD Back In The Day
BM Byte Me
BPS bits per second
BRB Be Right Back
BSOD Blue Screen of Death
BTSOOM Beats The Shit Out Of Me
BTW By the way
CID Consider It Done
CIO Check It Out
CTCP Client to Client Protocol
CUL See you later
CUL8R See you later
CUL8R See You Later
CYA See you
CYAL8TR See you later
DCC Direct Computer to Computer
DLTM Don't Lie To Me
F2F Face to face
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FUD Fear Uncertainty and Disinformation
FWIW For What It's Worth
FYA For Your Amusement
FYI For your information
GA Go Ahead
GD&R Grinning ducking and running
GFETE Grinning from ear to ear
GFI Go for it
GG Got to Go
GL Good Luck
GMTA Great minds think alike
GR&D Grinning Running And Ducking
GRRRR Growling
GTG Got To Go
GTGB Got To Go - Bye
GTSY Glad To See You
GYPO Get Your Pants Off
HAGO Have A Good One
HTH Hope That Helps
HTH Hope This Helps
IAE In Any Event
IC I see
ICQ I Seek You
IDKY I Don't Know You
IDST I Didn't Say That
IDTS I Don't Think So
ILIH I Live In Hope
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
IOH I'm Out of Here
IOW In other words
IP Internet Protocol
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRL In real life
ISP Internet Service Provider
IYSS If You Say So
JC Just Checking
JK Just Kidding
K okay
KIT Keep In Touch
KYPO Keep Your Pants On
L8R Later
LO hello
LOL Laughing out loud
LTNC Long Time No Chat
LTNS Long time no see
LTNT Long time no talk
MODEM MOdulator DEModulator
MorF Male or female
MOTD Message of the Day
MOTSS Members Of The Same Sex
MYOB Mind your own business
NBD No big deal
NBIF No Basis In Fact
NE1 anyone
NIFOC Nude In Front Of The Computer
NM No Matter
NP no problem
NRG Energy
NRN Not Right Now
OBTW Oh by the way
OH off hook
OIC Oh I see
OMG Oh My God
OOTB Out Of The Blue
OOTB Out Of The Box
OS Operating System
OT Off Topic
OTOH On the other hand
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PITA Pain In The Arse
PLS Please
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
POP Post Office Protocol
POTS plain old telephone system
POV Point of view
PPL people
prolly probably
RI&W Read It And Weep
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLOL Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
RSN Real soon now
RTFM read the friendly manual
RTM read the manual
SITD Still in the dark
SNAFU System Normal - All Fouled Up
SO Significant other
SorG Straight or Gay
SUYF Shut Up You Fool
SWAG Scientific Wild Arse Guess
SWDYT So What Do You Think
TAFN That's all for now
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
THX Thanks
TIA Thanks In Advance
TIAIL Think I Am In Love
TIC Tongue In Cheek
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It
TNX Thanks
TTFN Ta ta for now
TTT That's The Ticket
TTT To The Top
TTYL Talk To You Later
TX Thanks
TYVM Thank You Very Much
URL Uniform Resource Locator
W3 World Wide Web
WAG Wild Arse Guess
WAI What An Idiot
WAMBAM Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WB welcome back
WCA Who Cares Anyway
WDYS What Did You Say
WE Whatever
WIIFM Whats in it for me
WTG Way to go
WWW World Wide Web
WYRN What's Your Real Name
WYS Whatever You Say
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
WYT Whatever You Think
YA Yet Another
YDKM You Don't Know Me
YGIAGAM Your guess is as good as mine
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
YSYD Yeah - Sure You Do
YTTT You Telling The Truth
YW your welcome