Bonnie Jane Brown

Hello everyone!! My Name is Bonnie. Though I was born in Toledo, Ohio, I am a Michigander. I was born August 30th, 1984 to Laura and William. I only lived in Ohio for not even a year after I was born, then we moved to Detroit, Michigan. Back then It wasn't bad like it is now days. We first lived one street away from my grandma and grandpa linder, but soon moved to the house next door to them. I have many fond memories living next to my Grandparents. My grandpa linder used to always make chicken and dumplings...yummy. I was always eating there when he cooked them. They also had a dobermin named Rusty. Me and Rusty were best friends. My grandma has pictures of us sleeping together and doing all sorts of funny stuff. I remember my grandpa built her a big dog house and no-one, but me, was allowed in. It was our hideout. I stayed in Detroit until the summer after 1st grade. Then we moved to wayne, michigan. It was close to my aunt jeans house. My mother and her are really close. We all grew up together. She has twin 6 months younger than me, Charlie and Melaine. We lived there for a couple of years then my parents got a divorce. We moved across the street from my dad until my mom figured out where to get a place. While we were living there, My mom got in a bad car accident. My Aunt took both my brother and my self while my mom was in the hospital. Then when she got out she came and all three of us lived with my aunt, her husband, and her 3 kids. My mom wasnt very mobile at this time so someone needed to take care of her. When she got mobile we moved in with my moms boyfriend, Mark and his roommate, in Novi. It wasnt long and we all got our own trailer. We lived in novi for a year. In that year my mom married her boyfriend. Then my mom got some money from her car accident and they found a house in Garden City. This was close to my Aunt Jean. So we stayed there for 4 years. I started high school there. Also my brothers anger issues peaked there. He was sent to live with my dad in wayne. After 9th grade we had to move again. This time we moved to a little town outside of novi name wixom. We moved yet again to a trailer park. Starting 10th grade was interesting. After sometime I made friends and enjoyed the rest of my high school life. I graduated from Lakeland High School in 2002. Two months later, I went into the millitary. Ft. Jackson, S.C, was a very hot place to be from july to september. After Graduating from Basic training, I went to Ft. Lee, V.A for A.I.T. or my job training.  Unfortunatlly I did not graduate from there due to an injury. I recieved a medical discharge on july 6th, 2003. When I cam back to michigan I went to live with my dad who lived in Taylor. I decided right away to enrol in school, so I enrolled in Baker college. I went to school for 1 year before I dropped out. The next couple years were rocky, multiple jobs, moved up north for 2 months, just being reckless. So in 2005 I talked with my mom and decided to move back to wixom. I moved in December 1st and had 3 months to either find a job or get enrolled in school. I found a job on december 17th. That day I also started dating an ex boyfriend again, Christian. After a normal check-up at the doctors in detroit On december 22nd I was raped. Due to the fact that my mother worked nights and my step-father was always gone with his friends, I moved in with my boyfriend and his mom so I wouldnt be alone. After getting a better job my-self, and my boyfriend asking me to marry him, we moved to our own place. We had planned on getting married october 2007 but a suprise phone call on my birthday changed the year. August 30th 2006, after going to the doctor for a check-up and mentioning my stomach being sore days earlier, my doctor called to tell me that...I was pregnant...Happy Birthday!! So because I didnt want to have a child out of wedlock we moved the wedding up to october 27th 2006. Unfortunaly, I didnt have a baby. I had started cramping before my first apt was schuedled, and found out that there was no baby. I had a sac but no baby in the sac.  We still kept the wedding date even though I wasnt pregnant. I happily married my Love, Christian Howard Lord, on October 27th, 2006. A couple months later in april I fount out I was pregnant again. This time there was a baby in the sac, but they baby's heart stopped. I lost that baby. I ended up going into a deep depression. One year later, exactly one year, I found out I was pregnant again. This time my doctor had me take some medicine to help keep the baby. It worked, Makayla Elizabeth Lord was born on December 7th, 2008. Sence then I have been raising my Beautiful Little girl. Now we are try to expand our family as we approach our 5th anniversary.