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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016


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11.46 Sunday. I walked to the plaza to get bananas this morning. Strangely the doors of the plaza didn't open for me to get in even though it was past 11. A man who tried to exit there was surprised too i shrugged and walked back home. No banana today. Lots of things happening in my story i need to focus and organise my update. of winter. Too nice outside to be indoors so instead i spent time in my yard. It is now 3.38pm and i am eating. I will start this update with the yard since it is where i spent most of the day. My yard has been  in summer mode with mosaics' world map and hammock up and the side shade down since my birthday last month when I asked Lucas and Vince to help be change the season  when they  dropped me home after Lucas' soccer game. His gifts to his mum were flowers picked by him in the yard that morning and a magnificent goal. The goal i only enjoyed once when it was scored but Lucas' flowers brought a smile on my lips every time i saw them on my dining table for a long time. The most beautiful flowers I have ever received. The cacti are making lots of babies i had to prune some of them that were taking over the artificial lawn. I also gave the luck tree at the back a trim today. The roses at the front are doing amazingly well. There are so many flowers. One bush suffered a bit when we had very strong winds and rain some time ago. Some branches were lying very low and i did my best to put a string around to keep them up. It drew blood and it was only just ok so when Naomi came for grocery shopping on the Monday I asked her to do a better job and that is when we realised some branches were actually brokenthat is why they were so low.I cut them off then. Lots of irises too but no bird of paradise so far. My mosaics' butterfly's now finally colour coordinaed with lots of flowers on both the french and white lavenders. My latest mosaics' creation, a gecko, is climbing on the pillar under the back porch. On Friday i had a spring clean so all the windows, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and high surfaces have been washed, it is spotless. I had 3 workers cleaning here at one stage on Friday.Kay hadn't finished yet when  Jo and Rebecca arrived. On Friday  Sarah Vince and I went to the framing store in Sefton Park to collect Sarah's framed artwork, my graduation gift to my daughter. Graduation's next Friday. Unfortunately  I will not be in town which really annoys me. I found out graduation's on October 28th I will be in Burra then. I was so pissed off about it when I got the email with the info from the school i almost txted Sarah saying grrr. I resisted and told her about it the next time I saw her saying how sorry I am not to be able to be there  physically. I had offered to frame last year's artwork when she brought it home from school last year already. Some time ago I asked Vince's collaboration to bring it to the framing store. The timing was perfect to have it as graduationj gift and we collected it on Friday. It looks magnificent. From the framing store we went to the Flight Centre and Sarsh booked her flights for her gap year in Europe next year. She's off on January 31st. Sarah also has her driving license since the end of August. She is a very mature young woman i'm so proud to be her mother.  Yesterday morning i went to watch Lucas play footsal. Soccer season is now over but he plays indoor soccer between seasons. I prefer real soccer but with footsal I have another chance to see my son play so i wanted to go. It is very fast but because it's indoors i can actually properly see the players. Next year Lucas will play for the Blue Eagles. He's leaving Croydon after quite a few years but he's happy with the new club's facilities and told me some of his friends from school play in that team. I will go watch my son play no matter what club he's playing for. It is my son I support not the club. After footsal I was dropped at Hampstead Rehab Centre where Born on Monday  performed at the kiosk at 2pm. I was there early so went to BIRU where i was hopinjg to assemble more auditors for our performance. The ward was very quiet and there was noone I knew so i went outside to read in the sun while i waited for the other BOM members to turn up. We had a percussionist with us yesterday. Little Rori was there with us what a charmer that little boy is. After the performance Anthony and Ella gave  me a lift home . I then hung the washing i put on when i left in the morning then spent time reading outside. It is still rather cool for this time of the year but it is very pleasant in the sun. We only had one 30c day so far very unusual for October. This is spring weather still. I am waiting for summer rather impatiently. 

Last month i did the city to bay 6km walk again. It was my 10th edition of it and I have now achieved my personal goal of walking that distance in one hour 30 minutes or less. It took me 1 hour 25 minutes and 8 seconds this year, 6 minutes faster than last year so this time when i crossed the finish line i said YEAH and not shit like i did last year.

Just an update of what happened in my story over winter. Now that blog is up again I will try to publish posts regularly again. I am off to the Burra Festivale on Tuesday. Very much looking forward to 5 days of singing. I wanted to publish something here before i am offline for a while.This is not a very organised update but at least it's some news for now. I'm uploading  some photos to share with you my birthday flowers, the gecko at the back and le colour coordinated butterfly.

That's all for now folks. Cheers


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Monday, October 17th, 2016

there is never nothing happening

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This is an update I wrote while my blog was down. I thought I'd copy and paste it here but it's not working. Never mind. I will publish an update here soon. Cheers


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Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Welcome back

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It is a great surprise to find my blog working again today when i checked. I missed it while it was down. Now that it is up again I will have to write an update of the past 3 months ohlala. For now i will just upload some photos of Sarah in her beautiful formal dress and our fondue for Swiss national day.


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Sunday, July 10th, 2016

tout va bien

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Life is flowing. It was a draw 1-1 this morning. We missed so many chances to score  Stevie Ray's here on holidays for 3 weeks. He arrived last night surprised Lucas. Simon took him to the game.  Omg he's so tall skinny too.  We picked Thassos on our wayw. He works    this afternoon so  had to be dropped home after the game. Lucas' going to play with the -16. We stayed for a bit, but Lucas started on the bench so not overly motivated. Vince dropped me off first then Thassos and went back to the game. I have the heater on in the lounge and i am writing an update here. My green bin's full. It was full of the roses' pruning already, but i knew the peach tree would fit in easy. That's collected on Wednesday. I pruned my roses some time ago. That's when i found out my secateurs are stuffed. I did my best with the other secateurs but it was a struggle. I now have new secateurs. Thank you Vince. The irises are coming out i noticed today and  there are flowers in the cactus patch the white lavender is taking its time to give me flowers. It was covered with them about a year ago. It is school holidays so no choir for 2 weeks. Next  BOM's next gig is July 31st a funraising for community radio at gallery Yampu.While my yard is in winter mode i am giving the world map a second coat of paint. Antarctica is bigger, so that when the mosaics' map is up there is no blue showing at the bottom. I have also painted the Americas and Europe so far, bit by bit it will all get done. I have ordered yesterday the tiles for my next mosaics' project a gecko for my back porch. La vie est belle. Just a quick update to get in blog mode again. It is almost 2pm Sunday  turning my computer off to do something else. hit publish and off

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Saturday, July 9th, 2016

it's winter

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It is Saturday afternoon, I haven't published a post here in months It is rather cool outside with the wind and no sun. I just downloaded my latest photos on my computer, so that i can give Vince the memory card for Sarah at soccer tomorrow.  Yesterday was her school's  formal and she must be eager to see the photos.  The first photo in this set is of my backyard on the june solstice, the shortest day of the year for us downunder. It was a very wintery day cool and windy and lots of rain. My backyard was covered in leaves from the peach tree I had to take a picture. This is just a short one for the june's solstice. Days are getting longer again yeah


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