I have been working on a swamp with giant mushrooms.
The idea is inspired by Zangarmarsh from WoW and a screenshot from digitalspacetraveler's tumblr.

Wolfee_Smurf has been kind enough to provide the space for these pages, streaming worlds
and now Matrix films to stream into the worlds. I have not began adding them yet but they
are linked to a page for your viewing pleasure.

The Library is where I return after each world/avatar building session.
The clickable items in it are tools for Worlds and Creativity.
For now, there are links here to:

  1. AEE's Happy GZ - a world with links to litterally dozens of worlds and avatar rooms
  2. My Website and the compiled guides within.
  3. Apparition's Depot - a world with the default worlds textures and objects categorized.
  4. Search Engine - duckduckgo.com, because it is what I use in worlds 2D web browser.

Recently I added a few older worlds that aren't streaming elsewhere but are of abnormally nice quality.
They are slow to load when streaming and load much swifter in a local install.

I have linked the downloads to these files as I acquired them.
Click on the pictures below to download zipped copies to put in your worlds directory.

Some have practical significance as they were locations for instruction on world building.
vrland was intended to be edited as a learning environment locally.

The html links to num_locks help files are currently dead links but I recovered most of them through Wayback Machine.
I will get around to including them in the streams, soon.